Cockpit and Cabin Crew Academy

Once you’ve successfully gone through the selection process to become a Cabin Crew, you must attend an Initial Training, consisting of the following phases:

1. Attend different initial training courses, the detailed programs of which are compliant with the requirements set forth in Regulation (EU) No. 965/2012 of 5 October 2012 – Subpart CC.TRA.220

2. Pass the corresponding exams

3. Attend a Type Rating course

4. Operate a familiarization flight on the aircraft type

The training of Cabin Crew is not the same in France and abroad.

Air Formation new training centre for Cabin Crew, opened in January 2014, aims at precisely meeting the needs expressed in the international market, in addition to those held within the new European regulation, dated from 8 April 2013, and the main objective of which is to harmonize, standardize and validate the requirements applicable to the training of Cabin Crew by means of a joint certificate designated as CCA.

Air Formation / CAA anchors its position in the market with its offer of a “turn-key” training service. Airlines, especially the ones based in the Middle East and Asia, are constantly in need of duly trained and qualified Cabin Crew.